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Earnings Watch

Big Tech has made earnings look better, but here come Disney and PayPal

Earnings Watch: Apple, Amazon and Microsoft have helped S&P 500 earnings surpass expectations, but they have largely passed — Disney, videogame companies and PayPal are arriving in the days ahead

Walt Disney Co. reports earnings Wednesday, amid a writers strike, dueling lawsuits with the state of Florida and layoffs.

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Most of the first-quarter earnings blizzard has passed, and the results, overall, haven’t been as bad as expected — thanks in large part to the nation’s biggest tech companies: Apple Inc., Inc. and Microsoft.

The S&P 500 index SPXhas largely moved sideways over the past few weeks, as markets try to stomach concerns about a brittle regional-banking ecosystem and the Federal Reserve’s efforts to navigate the economy through rising prices and past the threat of a recession. But more of the companies that make up...