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CDs vs. high-yield savings accounts — where can you earn 5.5% after Fed’s rate hike? ‘This is time-sensitive.’

It’s time to lock in high interest rates on cash savings if you can, financial advisers say.

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‘People are making a big deal about the increase in wage growth’: Economists cast a skeptical eye over ‘strong’ jobs report

Is the labor market too hot for the Fed? Some analysts say no.

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Ferraris, Land Rovers and millions in bitcoin: Secret Service shuts down cybercrime service that helped steal tens of millions of credit cards

Investigators say Denis Kulkov bought Ferraris, Land Rovers with the millions he made verifying which stolen credit card numbers still worked.

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Mortgage rates fall after Fed signals pause in interest-rate hikes. Realtors hope for busy spring housing season.

The 30-year mortgage rate is averaging at 6.39% Freddie Mac said in its latest weekly survey on Thursday.

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Want to fight poverty? ‘Take a hard look’ at your own tax breaks, Princeton sociologist says.

"Don’t we benefit when our savings go up and up, even when that comes at the cost of a human sacrifice?" says Matthew Desmond, a leading poverty scholar.